6 days left....

How come that when you are enjoying the most you are just about to leave.... 
Counting from today there are only 6 days left before I fly to Elin!!! which I am looking forward to sooooo much !!! 
But I am also a bit sad because there are soo many fun and interesting activities going on at Selyn right now that I want to be a part of. However, I guess you can't have everything. ;) 
Today I am surrounded by Selyn products, my birthday grifts to myself. Drinking the 10 O'Clock tea which I will miss <3 

Also I felt like sharing this wonderful and inspirational picture by Selyn. I have loved these monkeys since I first saw them at Selyn, and I think that the "agents for change" concept is spot on! It is exactly what you as a consumer do: You make a statement and take an action for change when by buying Fair Trade products. 



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