Family Trip in Sri Lanka Day 1 and 2

Mum and dad have finally arrived and we are already in the Hill Country in Sri Lanka. 

On their first day I showed them around in Kurunegala where I live, I took them on Selyn Fair Trade Experience and I also showed them the Royal International School. 

(This is not the Royal International School) But it is a Kinder Garden conected to the weaving workshop in Nelliya.

Mum and dad got to try to eat by their fingers, not really their cup of tea. Although they loved the lunch cooked by the artisans at the weaving workshop in Nelliya. SOOO good food!!! <3 


Finally I have my parents here so I can send Selyn products back to Sweden with them. :D!!!  Nicky goes Loca at the Selyn Showroom!! 

Our driver Rohan, (the sweetest man ever and the best driver) helped us to find a place where we could buy Sri Lankan specialties. We bought the products at an Ayurveda shop. We bought coconut syrup, and coconut oil as well as jaggery. Jaggery is a traditional non-centrifugal cane sugar, like natural kind of sugar. 
On top of the Elephant Rock
 We walked down the stairs that are carved into the mountain. It's a beautiful walk but quite steep so you should wear good shoes and not flip-flops as me. 
Day Two 

I tried to book the train from Kandy to Nanuoya (train station close to Nuwara Eliya) in advance but the train was completely booked. We therefore decided to try to by tickets at the station in the morning which worked perfectly. They could not guarantee seats for us but there were a lot of seats on the train.  

This train trip is a MUST when visiting Sri Lanka 
BUT.....there was a train that had deralled close to Hatton station. So we had to change train in the middle of no where. Lucky us that we had dad to carry mum's really heavy bag which was very ungainly when changing train...but you can't plan for everything and this was cerrtainly an experience ! :D
The train that had deralled . 
This nice man helped dad carrying the bag. The friendlyness of Sri Lankans in action. 
The train ride continues....
In Nuwara Eliya!! With a beautiful view and a cup of tea.
We are staying at the Dewy Cottage and so far so good, we are going to stay here for two nights and I'll deliberate when we leave. 
Tomorrow we are going to do Horton Plains and do World's End. So more updates tomorrow!! 


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