The Selyn's own words


SELYN Fair Trade Handloom Company 

“Founded in 1991, Selyn started its work with a handful of women in the village of Wanduragala in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka.”


“Twenty two years later, we are Sri Lanka’s only fair trade handloom company that engage nearly one thousand members of the traditional Sri Lankan community of handloom weavers in bringing to you products made of 100% cotton and infinite measures of skill and devotion. We take on the challenge of reviving an ancient Sri Lankan heritage and extending its benefits to our rural women and men.”

“Committed to fair-trading practices, we hope not only to empower our members financially but also create a way of life within which they are comfortable.” 


I started off using the words of Selyn to explain their mission to latter describe it with my own words.

The picture on the necklaces are made out of recycled fabric that would normally been thrown away. Instead Selyn has the ambition to make the production process as sustainable possible and therfore they came up with the creative design to do necklaces and bracelets purely out of waste from the cutting and sewing process.

 To see more off their products and what they do, you can allways like Selyn on facebook :

Galle! At Petter and Linns place


This weekend I got a lot of sunburn! I’m having problem walking in stairs due to the worst burn is located on the backside of my legs, especially behind the knees. How can this be you might wonder, did she only sunbathe her backside? What’s wrong with the girl!?

Express train from Colombo to Galle 06.00 in the morning, good way to travel to Galle! 180 Rs 

I’ll tell you..

This weekend I went to Galle and visited my friends Petter and Linn, and I was fortunate enough to visit simultaneously as Petter’s dad and younger sister.


As some of you might know both Petter and Linn have surfing as a way of life here in Sri Lanka and I got the opportunity to see their livelihood which was very inspirational and seems like such a good way of life, to do what you love and not being afraid to take chances to do it. Moreover, it is impossible to visit Petter and Linn without being motivated to learn how to surf, thereby my sunburn!. So, in Galle this weekend I officially started my surfing carrier! What a fantastic sport! I absolutely loved it! Very hard but a satisfactory way of exercising and having fun at the same time! Photos on this will come soon!

In the meanwhile here is some photos on Saturday dump-shopping! This is maybe not something a typical tourist would do, but something that made my stay in Galle even more special! Linn were looking fore some nice old, industrial-vibe furniture.   

We'll have to wait and see if they will by this yellow one, not enrirely sure on the name of the furniture but charming. But in the picture below are some of the bargains made! 
After the shopping tour we drove into Galle to see the Galle Fort. The Fort was first built by the Portuguese in 1588 before being extensively fortified by the Dutch in the mid 1600s. Recognized by UNESCO for its cultural heritage value, the Fort was declared a World Heritage Site in 1988 as a unique exposition of "an urban ensemble which illustrates the interaction of European architecture and South Asian traditions from the 16th to the 19th centuries". This is a very touristy place but still a place that you have to visit in Sri Lanka.!
Walking on the Fort wall.. 

 The visit ended in a cup of excellent coffee imported by Petter's dad! <3 and a litte bit of facebook ;) 

If you want to read more about Petter and Linns story then I would recommend you to visit their blog:

Selyn, a colourful and truly inspiring Sri Lankan Community


In my blog I have posted a lot about my traveling during the weekends which I really enjoy!, but what makes my visit in Sri Lanka extraordinary and truly inspiring are the two organisations that I am engaged in. In the following posts I will tell you more about one of the two, namely Selyn, Sri Lanka’s only fair-trade guaranteed Handloom Company. I will do my best in embodying the genuine Selyn Community feeling whose work has inspired me and many others.


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