Night market and cycling

In the old town close to where we staid in Chang Mai was a gigantic Sunday night market. Me and Elin went out to explore
the market was very big so we didn't have time to go through the whole market.
I must confess that I expected there to be things that were not so interesting to buy, but I was wrong . The night market had a lot to offer with a charming atmosphere.
 Both Elin and me kept on finding nice things 
 Me trying out snow ice scream, it was okey but I would not say that I had a wow experience from it. 
Here I am trying durian jouice for the first time . Durian is a fruit that is popular among the locals, when you see it in the market it will be covered by plastic because it smells very bad! I did not like it , but it is quite expensive so I tried to offer it to someone else , but then a par of tourists told me to "throw that shit away" I gues they did not like it either . 
The day after we cycled around the town.
But we think we managed to match the rush hour , to there was a lot of traffic. Nevertheless a very nice ride ;) 
I end this blog post with a beautiful picture that Elin took in a book shop.

Two New Master Chefs

On our second day in Chang Mai we went on a cooking class that Elin had looked up on tripadvisor . 
The place is called Chang Mai Thai Farm Cooking Class and has top ratings on tripadvisor. On the picture you see our teacher Benny who were always smiling and joking!

We began our day at the local market buying groceries and learning about the main ingredients of thai food. Such as fish sause , oyster sauce and me who prefer vegetarian food should use mushroom sauce. 
Elin poundering away
my green curry paste 
Going out in the organic farm to pick some of our ingredients 
Some one of the dishes I made . Tom yam soup, pad Thai, green curry paste, tofu with cashew nuts and bananas in coconut milk. 
Elin did sticky rice instead of the banana desert
Out in the home garden 
Springrolls ! 
Thanks Benny our amazing teacher ! And for making us the two new master chefs of Thailand ! 
For anyone that are going to Chang Mai you have to do a cooking class , it was a laugh, interesting and a fun way to understand more of what you are eating in Thailand.

Singapore and the Start of Chang Mai


Elin packing for Chang Mai the northern parts of Thailand. This is where we have begun our journey and where we currently are. Elin is so lovely when she was packing going through everything again and again making sure that everything necessary was included and packed. Well I'm not the one to speak since I had to do the same but a couple of days before her. 



Here is Elin eating her last favourite meal; Hokkien Mee. A very emotional moment for her... definitely a dish I recommend if you are traveling to Singapore. They tend to differ a bit in the taste from place to place but overall really good !  

Here Elin took me to Arab Street in Singapore that was small corridors of charming shops and buildings along the road. Here we looked around and tried on some clothes but we didn't buy anything. 
Traveling from Sri Lanka to Singapore is a chock in prices! It is so much more expensive in Singapore which is  obvious if you think about it but nevertheless a chock!  I will do all of my last shopping in Sri Lanka, because I can't afford shopping in Singapore. 
Chang Mai


A happy Elin on our first day in Chang Mai, we arrived in the afternoon so we occupied ourselves with walking and trying to locate the features of the city. Here Elin bought a fruit for me to try but it did not fall into my taste so Elin got to finish it. 


The map of Chang Mai, we live within the old town which is surrounded by ancient walls and moats. A charming place that has a lot of tourist friendly activities and what I love most of all is that the town is adapted and structured so that people can walk around! Everywhere there are cosy restaurants and shops, a bit different from Sri Lanka!

Here is my officially first Pad Thai which was delicious!
A bit after the late lunch and a lot of walking we found a small café that specialise in Asian coffee. The man that had started this café is so nice and friendly! He has helped us with tips on what to do in Chang Mai, where to eat, where to print etc. and his coffee! There are no words ! I have never tasted soo good coffee in my life, and I drink a lot of coffee at home in Sweden, tried different coffees in Sri Lanka , Singapore, but this coffee is outstanding. RECOMMEND!!! 
Walking on the food market in the evening.
My fist sticky rice , amazing ! 
The evening ended with a passion fruit Mojito at the "party" street, that we didn't know existed. 

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