Night market and cycling

In the old town close to where we staid in Chang Mai was a gigantic Sunday night market. Me and Elin went out to explore
the market was very big so we didn't have time to go through the whole market.
I must confess that I expected there to be things that were not so interesting to buy, but I was wrong . The night market had a lot to offer with a charming atmosphere.
 Both Elin and me kept on finding nice things 
 Me trying out snow ice scream, it was okey but I would not say that I had a wow experience from it. 
Here I am trying durian jouice for the first time . Durian is a fruit that is popular among the locals, when you see it in the market it will be covered by plastic because it smells very bad! I did not like it , but it is quite expensive so I tried to offer it to someone else , but then a par of tourists told me to "throw that shit away" I gues they did not like it either . 
The day after we cycled around the town.
But we think we managed to match the rush hour , to there was a lot of traffic. Nevertheless a very nice ride ;) 
I end this blog post with a beautiful picture that Elin took in a book shop.

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