The Selyn's own words


SELYN Fair Trade Handloom Company 

“Founded in 1991, Selyn started its work with a handful of women in the village of Wanduragala in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka.”


“Twenty two years later, we are Sri Lanka’s only fair trade handloom company that engage nearly one thousand members of the traditional Sri Lankan community of handloom weavers in bringing to you products made of 100% cotton and infinite measures of skill and devotion. We take on the challenge of reviving an ancient Sri Lankan heritage and extending its benefits to our rural women and men.”

“Committed to fair-trading practices, we hope not only to empower our members financially but also create a way of life within which they are comfortable.” 


I started off using the words of Selyn to explain their mission to latter describe it with my own words.

The picture on the necklaces are made out of recycled fabric that would normally been thrown away. Instead Selyn has the ambition to make the production process as sustainable possible and therfore they came up with the creative design to do necklaces and bracelets purely out of waste from the cutting and sewing process.

 To see more off their products and what they do, you can allways like Selyn on facebook :

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