My Birthday !

Turning 23, What a day ! 
We started the day early in the morning to go to Horton Plains and see World's End that is supposed to be very beautiful. 
Sunrise , on our way to Horton Plains

We drove 5.30 in the morning because that is when everyone says you should go. But what we did not think twice about was that if we went at the same time as everyone else then there will obviously be a line. Which there was, and on top of that is was sooo much cooler than we thought.

So Heads up, before you go, think twice about at what time you are leaving Nuwara Eliya, we where at the World’s End by 9 so there was plenty of time before the clouds came in. Also bring a extra sweater in the morning !

And it was much more expensive than we thought , 1800Rs per person. Although, totally worth it!! 

Start trekking! The path is 9 Km with a very divers fauna! 
Above is little World's End. So beautiful !!! 
The 23 year old Nicky at World's End !! 9 in the morning ! 
you can't really see the view from this picture but it was stunning! But I would actually say that it is not just about seeing World's End that everyone are talking about but what makes World's End spectacular is the whole trekking round with so much biodiveristy! 
Out in the open as you can see in this picture above, the temperature could reach 30 degrees but in the ner by forest it never got warmer than around 12. 
The waterfall! 
After World's End we went to St. Andrews for Afternoon Tea. SO good!!  and it is a lovely place where you can see a lot of the old colonial design. 
I was happy to see that St. Andrews had Selyn cushion covers!!  later I also saw that the Grand Hotel also had Selyn products ! Go Selyn ! and good that the hotels are supporting the artisans and the traditional handloom technique in Sri Lanka.
We walked around in Nuwara Eliya, we walked by the Gregory lake then around the race course and at the race course. The horses where lose within the race course, and people exercised running around the course. It was interesting to see the relaxed atmophere there.
My birthday ended at the Grand Hotel in Newara Eliya. 
The food was fantastic! I strongly recommend both St. Andrews and Grand Hotel, both have a colonial stile. Because of Nuwara Eliya's history and since it is still called "little England", I believe/ recommend to visit at least one old colonial house here in Nuwara Eliya. 

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