A New Day and A New Friend

These couple of days I have slowly started to adapt to the routine in Kurunegala. Each day I get to know more and more people. Today for example, I met this lovely girl that came up to me and we started chatting for a bit. Mostly about the polite things that you say when you meet someone for the first time, but latter instead of "chatting" we started to talk about interesting topics and now we are friends on Facebook! This simple and wonderful gesture made my day! because now I have a new Sri Lankan friend! :D I keep on being amazed by the friendliness of the Sri Lankan population, or at least by those who live in Kurunegala.

More Sports at the Royal International School

Today the sports activities in the Royal International School in Kurunegala continued. After school hours it was time for the teams to compete in outdoor Netball and Volleyball. The latter, most of you recognise however the first one was new to me. Netball is very common in Sri Lanka and it is only girls that plays it, and the rules is similar to basketball but when you receive the ball you are not allowed to move and then you must pass the ball onwards. I find it interesting that it is only girls that plays netball in Sri Lanka. So to understand more I decided to google it! Since the initial of the game it has only been a women's sport however today male participation is slowly increasing in some countries but in Sri Lanka it is still primarily a women's sport. Overall, it was a fantastic afternoon and it was very interesting and fun to see how netball is played!

Sunday Fair

Today I went to the Sunday fair in Kurunegala for the first time. I was sitting in the house and became a little bit restless when I finally decided to go out and explore! The result was that I went to the fair with two ladies from the house that do not speak english. But that did not matter for me, I was so happy that they showed me around! The fair is not like anything in Sweden, this is so colourful with vegetables and dried fish. As I walked around with the two ladies as they were buying their vegetables, people was curiously looking at me and when I met there glance I received the biggest smile! I find that people in Sri Lanka always smile and are very genuine. In the picture you can see the scale that everyone on the market used.

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