Swedish Cooking

Swedish cooking 

Toast Skagen 

Main Course:

Lentils with tomatosauce, vegetables and pasta a la Nicky stile 


Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream 
When me and Sahan went to buy the ingridients for the dishes,  we ended up struggling a bit. For Toast Skagen you can't find creme fraiche, so the simple solution would be to buy natural yogurt instead. However, which yogurt is the best!? After some discussions we decided to buy one small sample of each to try it at home and then go and buy the most suitable one at the story close to the appartment. 
We did not buy any of these three due to these one's are really sweet, so we bought a non-fat yogurt instread. 
The starter was appreciated by both Selyna and Sahan !  It is hard to fail with Toast Skagen, especially when you have fresh prawns. 
The Main Couse was also approved! 
I thought that my lentil dish would not be so Swedish but it turned out that they do not use lentils with tomato sauce and pasta. So this was a new dish for them. 
After dinner we went out for some drinks and I got to meet two of Sahan's friends as well. It was a fun evening in Colombo with Selyna, Sahan and his friends with the perfect combination of excellent food if I may say so myself ;) and great company. 
SKÅL for a great night ! 

Goodbye Kurunegala & Hi Good Market


My last day in Kurunegala, before leaving to Colombo for a few days. My fellow mates and fantastic friends held a small speech for me and gave me a beautiful bag, a bag I think will make my sister Amy jealous ;)

The woman to the right with red ish clothes is my roomie in Kurunegala and she is also the principal at Royal International School.
Jealous yet Amy ;) 
Such a beautiful bag decorated with small elephants. 
It was hard to leave this place and to say goodbye to all these fantastic people, I realised that I am awful on saying goodbye. My strategy was to say goodbye kick and fast without any heads up, so many people did not know that this was my last day. But I didn't want to make a big fuss about it, and I'll be back in the end of May for a few days. 
AHHHH!!! What a place !
I have find my favourite place in Colombo (except for Selyn) The Good Market

It seems that where ever I go in Sri Lanka I continue to meet inspiring people , and today was no exception. I had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Amanda and Achala who both have a direct operational role in the Good Market. During the meeting I got a glimpse of their characters and what amazing people with so many inspiring ideas and both have expert experience in socio-economic development, environmental sustainability combined with social enterprise. It is a very interesting mix to listen to, I tried to absorb as much information as possible and I could feel myself becoming more and more inspired, motivated and interested as the conversation proceeded.

Take a look at what they do and how they work at: 

The small Good Market shop offers a broad variety of fair produced food!

The Good Market has its own "Good Market Standards" that have to be approved by vendors before they are applicable to take part in the Good Market Shop or Thursday Good Market, and Saturday Good Market.  These standards are what set the Good Market apart from other markets. 


Walking around in the shop made me all excited ! 

Sri Lankan coffe beans, I am wondering if these would be better than the Sri Lankan coffee you somethimes get in hotels. Look good ! 
"Sri Lanka has many organic farmers, social enterprises, and responsible businesses that are creating products and services that are eco-friendly, socially responsible, and healthy.  It also has many well-educated consumers that want to feed their families natural and organic food and choose products and services that match their values.  The Good Market is a place for these groups to come together."
At the Good Market Shop they have their own Café that use the products in the shop. Here Selyna and I decided to eat lunch. In the picture above is the Gingerbeer (no alcohol) that I had, and it is made (as you can see); "made in her kitchen". I loved that description! Makes you glad knowling that you are supporting her livelihood, and contributing to a better and more sustainable environment, socio-economic development in Sri Lanka. 
I would strongly recommend this place for everyone that fancy a delicious lunch or coffee, and for everyone that want to support the local producers in Sri Lanka that believe in producing sustainable food and other products, and for you who want to get a pure taste of Sri Lanka without any pesticides or harmful extra ingredients and lastly for those of you that want to make a difference for our environment and future generations.  

6 days left....

How come that when you are enjoying the most you are just about to leave.... 
Counting from today there are only 6 days left before I fly to Elin!!! which I am looking forward to sooooo much !!! 
But I am also a bit sad because there are soo many fun and interesting activities going on at Selyn right now that I want to be a part of. However, I guess you can't have everything. ;) 
Today I am surrounded by Selyn products, my birthday grifts to myself. Drinking the 10 O'Clock tea which I will miss <3 

Also I felt like sharing this wonderful and inspirational picture by Selyn. I have loved these monkeys since I first saw them at Selyn, and I think that the "agents for change" concept is spot on! It is exactly what you as a consumer do: You make a statement and take an action for change when by buying Fair Trade products. 


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