Swedish Cooking

Swedish cooking 

Toast Skagen 

Main Course:

Lentils with tomatosauce, vegetables and pasta a la Nicky stile 


Chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream 
When me and Sahan went to buy the ingridients for the dishes,  we ended up struggling a bit. For Toast Skagen you can't find creme fraiche, so the simple solution would be to buy natural yogurt instead. However, which yogurt is the best!? After some discussions we decided to buy one small sample of each to try it at home and then go and buy the most suitable one at the story close to the appartment. 
We did not buy any of these three due to these one's are really sweet, so we bought a non-fat yogurt instread. 
The starter was appreciated by both Selyna and Sahan !  It is hard to fail with Toast Skagen, especially when you have fresh prawns. 
The Main Couse was also approved! 
I thought that my lentil dish would not be so Swedish but it turned out that they do not use lentils with tomato sauce and pasta. So this was a new dish for them. 
After dinner we went out for some drinks and I got to meet two of Sahan's friends as well. It was a fun evening in Colombo with Selyna, Sahan and his friends with the perfect combination of excellent food if I may say so myself ;) and great company. 
SKÅL for a great night ! 


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