The South


 After traveling in the Hill Country from one place to another we were looking forward to spend some time down in the southern parts at Petter and Linn's place.

I prefer staying at Petter and Linn's place before Hikkaduwa or closer to Galle, here in Ahangama around 20 minutes from Galle you can find forgotten beaches that offers a glimpse of paradise. On our first day we sunbathed at one of these hidden places where the sand is almost untouched by human footprints in combination with good snorkelling as well. WIN-WIN!

  This picture is captures me when I am writing in my diary which is something I love to do when I am traveling. I do it in order to remember how I felt during particular moment, and in that way I will always have the context and feelings behind all my pictures, so that I can look back and know how I felt when living in Sri Lanka 2015.  

I have a big weakness for the beauty of nature, and sunsets are only one of many. Here in Sri Lanka you always find yourself stumble across these breath-taking views in the mornings when the mist is leaving the paddy fields outside of Kurunegala, or looking out over Ella when the rain is climbing over the hillsides, a sunset in Colombo up on Cinnamon Red’s infinity pool where a new skyscraper covers the last moments of the sunset when its suppose to reach the horizon. So keep your eyes open because you never know when the beauty of nature hits you in Sri Lanka!. 

 Yoga in Hikkaduwa at Kailash Yoga Studio, we have not started in the picture but on our way!
Loved the yoga and is something you should try when visiting Sri Lanka, although my body was aching afterwards ! 
In the picture you also see Joel who is Linn's brother, he joined us during our time in the South and latter Colombo as well. It was nice to have some other company than my parents, so  it was very appreciated that Joel wanted to join us, (don't be offended mum and dad it was fantastic to travel with only you two as well but the more the merrier right ;) 
Lovely time spent in the south, and I will come back for more very soon I hope ! 
Thank you Petter and Linn once again for having me and this time my parents as well. ! 
Take a look at their blog if you want to see more of what Linn and Petter do as well as to become inspired by the southern parts of Sri Lanka.


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