Expedition Sigiriya!

Today it is Poya Day in Sri Lanka and therefore it is a holiday! The Poya Day accrues every month when it is full moon and originate from the Buddhist religion. Many Buddhists visits a temple for religious observances but Buddhism being the main religion in Sri Lanka the Poya Days are therefore recognised holydays. 
So with a free day I went to Sigiriya, my plan was to cover Sigiriya and the ancient cave temples in Dambulla however due to road constructions, rain and a lot of queues I was only able to discover a part of Sigiriya. I
therefore did not go to the top, that I'll have to do another day.

But I’m happy to have seen what I did today! It is so beautiful and I can’t imagine that people actually built it! The rock itself is very steep! but in spite of this a King decided to live on the top of the rock and built a palace around and on it! The rock called Lion Rock because about halfway up the side of the rock the King built a gateway in the form of an enormous lion.  Now you can only see the remains of the lion.  It’s amazing to see! Today Sigiriya is a UNESCO listed world heritage site. 

Here you can see the long queue up in the mountain. 
The remains of the Lion entrance. 
The ancient cave paintings that have been preserved.  

Getting there and away:

From Kurunegala I took the bus to Dambulla 80 Rs = around 4 kr although I took me 1,5 hours to get there. The bus goes to Dambulla and there you have to change bus to Sigiriya, but I took a three-wheeler and the driver insisted on 900 Rs which is too much, it should be around 500-600 Rs.

The entrance is for a foreigner is 3900 Rs = 200 kr. Because I was alone and have never been to this prehistoric place I decided to take a guide. I paid the guide 1000 Rs and then he helped me to get passed all the long lines, but a guide for 2 hours for one person should be around 500-1000 Rs.

On my way back I took the bus to Dambulla 40 Rs so there is a bit of a difference and the bus from Dambulla to Kurunegala was 114 Rs. The busses I have taken so far have never had the same price but it’s still very cheap!   

    End Result: A Wet and Happy Nicky !!!

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The bus took 2,5 h,

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