Kandy with Hanna !


Today I travelled by myself for the first time! The final destination was Kandy to meet Hanna Arvidsson. From Kurunegala I travelled by bus, the AC bus they call it here, only 130 Rs. so approximately 7 Swedish kr or less.  The bus took almost one hour, but I do not recommend sitting in the front of the bus where you can see the road because the way they drive here, is makes your heart stop from time to time. But the woman sitting next to me was sleeping like a baby, so it might just have been me. 

Finally I met Hanna ! and Hanna showed me this wonderful place where they have great coffee named Natural Coffee, right next to the temple! My first coffee since arriving in Sri Lanka, tasted like heaven!

After some coffee, Hanna had to continue to work, but before saying goodbye I showed here the Selyn Showroom in Kandy which you all should visit while in Kandy!

http://www.selyn.lk Here is a link to their homepage, but I will soon explain more about the social enterprise. Here you will find beautiful handloom products made by women in and nearby Kurunegala.

 My day continued with a visit in the Peraeniya Botanic Gardens where I ate some lunch and watched the flowers. While walking around I thought about my grandmother who would have loved the flowers on these photos, so these are for you Monica. 


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