Next Stop Sri Lanka !!!


Suddenly, it is the day before leaving to Sri Lanka!! My name is Nicky Lilja and I’m about to leave for Sri Lanka for 4 months. This blog will reflect upon my thoughts and experiences during my stay in Sri Lanka.

Tomorrow the journey begins and I’m starting to feel a bit nervous. Nevertheless, I am ever more excited to go! Although, I will miss my friends and family back at home I am sooooo looking forward to arriving in Sri Lanka!! This first post will not be more informative than this but more information about my stay and me are coming soon.

Next stop Sri Lanka! 


Postat av: Anonym

Gooood luck ;-)

2015-01-17 @ 10:42:09
Postat av: camilla

Ska bli kul att läsa om dina äventyr.Ha det så bra och var rädd om dig!

2015-01-17 @ 11:34:34
Postat av: Tom

Tjenare, o valkommen till Paradiset Sri Lanka,, Bott har 15 ar nu o stortrivs :)


2015-01-20 @ 12:59:45

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