Sunday Fair

Today I went to the Sunday fair in Kurunegala for the first time. I was sitting in the house and became a little bit restless when I finally decided to go out and explore! The result was that I went to the fair with two ladies from the house that do not speak english. But that did not matter for me, I was so happy that they showed me around! The fair is not like anything in Sweden, this is so colourful with vegetables and dried fish. As I walked around with the two ladies as they were buying their vegetables, people was curiously looking at me and when I met there glance I received the biggest smile! I find that people in Sri Lanka always smile and are very genuine. In the picture you can see the scale that everyone on the market used.

Postat av: Maria

Kul att du kom iväg härlig bild😄

2015-01-25 @ 21:58:59

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