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You have to love all the small holidays that they have in Sri Lanka, yesterday it was a new Poya Day, which meant one day of holiday for everyone. I spent my poya day with Ravi, Sandra, Hilary and Newton, all a part of the family that have started and are running both Selyn Handlooms and Royal International School. This is a family with a huge heart for the Sri Lankan citizens and also a family that you can’t help but to admire for their ambition and their hope.


This is Sandra (to the left) at the Kindergarden that they (Sandra and the rest of the family) started in connection to one of the weaving workshops at Selyn. With the objective to enable the women to work instead of being required to stay home taking care of their children. This helps the women to get a sustainable livelihood where the children become educated in an early age. In the end it's a win-win situation for the women and their families and it further   contributes to the socio-economic development of the poor rural areas of Kurunegala. 


No matter what goes wrong or how hard things might get, you always hear Sandra saying something similar to “I believe that there is hope”.  The hope that everything is possible and that in the end everything will be more than what you hoped for. It is hard to explain the believe/ hope that Sandra (who is mother in the family) has and it is also hard for me to grasp sometimes. For example, Sandra does something, in which I would never put my hope in; she buys lottery tickets. In Sri Lanka they are very cheap so you can buy quite many but still the chance of winning is not better than in Sweden, maybe even smaller, but still she keeps on buying lotteries with the belief and the hope of winning one day. This is seen within the whole family as well, they keep on striving to always improve even tough their might not be enough recourses. Instead of not trying, they fallow their goals and start with very small steps at a time, slowly building a school, a business ect. What they have accomplished so far have taken them years and they still have a long way to go, but they never lose hope along the way which is the key reason to why they keep on pushing forward and can implement and develop their ideas.

 Dinner with Sandra and Ravi and two dear friends to the family from Australia 

For me this is a truly inspiring feature that I will try to absorb as much as possible. Especially the fact that regardless of insufficient resources nothing is impossible, there is always an innovative way to get around the obsticles and get the resources needed, but only if you keep on pushing forward and believe in the possibility that no matter what, you can reach your goal. 


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