Amazing weekend in Colombo


I spent the weekend with two new friends from the US that I met about a week ago. Charlie and Mary that you can see on the picture, they are both medical students from the US and are conducting research in Kurunegala, close to me. Unfortunately I met them in the end of their stay in Sri Lanka but we did get one great weekend in Colombo together before they leave.   

Day 1

First we went to an art market where local artists sell their art on Saturdays and Sundays. There where so many beautiful paintings for about 4000-6000 Rs, for a big one. It was really hard not to buy anything since I am going to stay in Sri Lanka for a while longer!  But I have spotted out my favourite ones! I really recommend going to this art market even if you are not interested in buying anything it is really nice just to watch. If I'm not completely wrong then the market is by the Viharamahadevi Park
We stayed at the Mount Lavinia Hotel which is a great hotel!, Charlie and Mary had a room one meter from the water but on the 5th floor. So the view was amazig!! 


Before going for dinner Mary and me went for a swim in the pool in the sunset.


Later we went to a restaurant on the beach where they served seafood, as you can see on the picture they had fresh seafood where you just pointed out which one you wanted and then they would cook it for you. Insanely good seafood !!! 
Day 2

Shopping !!!

Since Charlie doesn’t like shopping Mary was thrilled when I gladly went shopping with her! . Once again we went to the art market so that Mary could buy her second painting, which was really cool! After that we went to Barefoot, which is a very known company that sell handloom, they have a similar concept as Selyn but they are way bigger and are more expensive. I personally, perhaps a very biased view, prefer Selyn partly because they are smaller and therfore  I really feel that I am supporting the artisans' fascinating work within the Selyn community. That I am contributing their socio-economic develioment which is great but it goes further than that, as a costumer at Selyn you really acknowledge and become amazed by the hard work made by the hands behind the handloom as well as receive an deeper understanding of the women's day-to-day life. So when you are in Colombo you should visit both and see which one you get a more personal connection to, or even better, you might end up buying products from both shops. 

After that we went to Odel and mostly looked around but I purchased some clothes there as well. Time was flying by, so all of a sudden the clock had passed 15.00 which is when the Selyn Showroom in Colombo closes. But I didn’t mind because I have been there two times already and know what I want to buy before I go back to Sweden, but Mary had to go another day before leaving. 

Cinnamon Red! The next hotel we stayed at, Crazy view with an infinity pool on the 26th floor,
in the sunset !!! 
However, we were a bit unlucky, having a building right in front of the sunset. 
My visit in Colombo finished of with a gorgeous sunrise on the Express Train back to Kurunegala 06.00 in the morning. I am so happy and grateful that Charlie and Mary invited me to spend their last weekend with them in Colombo. It's these unexpected moments, meeting Charlie and Mary randomly in Kurunegala which ended with us spending a weekend in Colombo together,  that makes me love traveling and enjoy life even more!  
Thank you so much Charlie and Mary for this wonderful experiance and see you soon in the US, in Sweden or somewhere else in the world! 
My peaceful Kurunegala


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