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There is so much going on that I have not known what to publish. But now I am back on track and I want to share the visit we had at Selyn last week. 
Lucy from London came and it was a really interesting visit. 
Lucy is engaged in Child Action Lanka here in Sri Lanka and has been given the opportunity to travel around to the different locations where the non-profit organisation works. The organistaion workes with disadvantaged children and many of the children live and work on the streets as beggars; as such, they are often socially excluded and deprived of opportunities and respect. The organisations main focus is to provide schooling for these children to give them the opportunity to enter the emplyment sector and break the vicious cycle that they are trapped in today. Read more about Child Action Lanka here:
In doing so the organisation aims to support the children's parents when ever possible to create a sustainable livelihood for the whole family. It is in light of this that Lucy came to visit Selyn. To see how Selyn empower the disavantaged women and mothers of Kurunegala through the means of emplyment either in their homes or (as in the picture below) at weaving workshops. 



Listen to Lucy’s experience in Sri Lanka was very interesting as well as taking part of her creative mind. Lucy saw opportunities in almost everything she saw during the Selyn Tour and for me this continues to be one of my main lessons, to always try to expand your vision and see the opportunities around you. Not being stuck in a box of what should/can be done and what shouldn't/can’t.

This was a inspireing day with Lucy and we’ll see where all the ideas from this day might end up.


Lucy's own words on the Selyn Tour:
"I thoroughly enjoyed my tour around the Selyn workshops in Kuruegala- it was an exceptionally positive experience.  I am passionate about Fairtrade and the tour helped me to see first hand an example of this taking place very successfully. 

The day began at the dying plant, then to the weavers and on to the factory to see toys and other items being made. It opened my eyes to the levels of process and the skill it takes to produce the beautiful items made by the Selyn workers. Being able to see and speak with the weavers was a real highlight. They are talented women! 

I was warmly welcomed, encouraged to ask questions and take photos. I also enjoyed a delicious lunch. This made a very interesting day and I would really recommend it."



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