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I thought it might be interesting and fun for you to see how I live in Kurunegala. I live in a small house/hostel that I share kitchen and living-room with one other person. I do however have my own bedroom and bathroom.


The living-room have a dining table and fridge that I share with my hostel mate, and we have a sofa and a TV with HBO channels as well! Love the HBO channels for the evenings when you do not have the strength or willingness to do anything, or when the internet is not working which is most of the time ;) . 



Here is a picture on the small kitchen that has everything you might need, not an oven but that is not a constraint for me since I usually never use it back at home either. 


Sneak peak on my batroom and I have just done laundry so then there are cloths everywhare, due to lack of space to dry it. 
And no, I have not made my bed, on one half of the bed I have some of my stuff and in the other half I sleep. 
Maybe not a five star hotel, but with the company of my roomie and HBO channels I can't complain. It definitely has it charm.
Elin and Wille, now you got a glimbs of where you are going to stay for two nights. But I will clean out the bed for you and put on some new sheets, so don't worry ! 

Postat av: Elin

Haha, du är för söt!!!

2015-03-09 @ 07:27:45 - http://elineriksso.blogg.se
Postat av: Anonym

Kul att se hur du bor. Kramiz Tilda

2015-03-11 @ 07:06:20
Postat av: Inkognito

Snäppet fräschare än Helsingkrona!

2015-03-11 @ 11:21:22
Postat av: Inkognito

Snäppet fräschare än Helsingkrona!

2015-03-11 @ 11:21:33

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