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Finally I am in Singapore at my friend Elin's place!! This week she is going to show me her Singapore and give me a glimpse of the life of an exchange student in Singapore. So far so good I would say! 

In the picture above we are eating something called Laksa that is supposedly a typical dish here, and a dish that Elin seems to eat once in a while.  It was really good, I highly recommend it ! 

In the evening we went in to Marina Bay if I have got the name right. and WOW!!! I was to say at least, AMAZED!!! It is such a chock going from living in Sri Lanka in Kurungegala as well as Colombo and to travel to Singapore and see all of these space like buildings. ! 

I mean WOW!  nothing like Sri Lanka, so much more modern, technical and organised. Here there seems to be rules and bans everywhere about everything. Very different from Sri Lanka, but I think that overall you can't compare the two, they are at so different stages concerning economic development in the country and I hope that Sri Lanka doesn't turn in to a Singapore when/if they reach this economic development. Because then Sri Lanka will lose all of its beauty and charm, all the green paddy fields and mountains covered with tropical forests and so on. 

In the background you can see the famous Marina Bay Sands which is a insane building! and it was here we went on a chocolate and cheese buffet! 
Out side of Marina Bay Sands there are a light and water show during the evenings. You can describe it as getting a story told through the means of water and light so it is almost like looking on a video on a projector. Awesome!
Let's dig in ! 
 The Rice & Curry bag representing in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands! 
A fantastic evening with Elin ! and her friend Elina that joined us for the chocolate and cheese buffet. 


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