Tree Top Walk in Singapore

My second day here in Singapore Elin had to study for her last exam so I joined Alex and Tim to a place called Tree Top Walk in Singapore. It is a beautiful walk for about 9 km with a lot of wildlife. Only 10 meters in to the walk a gang of monkies approached us! They were surprisingly friendly but I was not as fond of them as Alex in the picture. Might be because Alex is the only one of me and Tim that already has a rabies shoot. 

Walking out on the bridge both me and Alex were a bit afraid of the heights and this only trigged Tim.. So you had Tim jumping happily over the bridge making it shake and me and Alex behind him squishing the side rails. 

 Alex enjoying the view without looking down... 
No worries in the world for Tim.
 Here is the fantastic view from the bridge. 
Yesterday I invested in an new camera so from now on there will be many more pictures with soooo much better quality !!! 


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